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Lash Extensions

A breakthrough technique for bonding the best quality individual lashes to your own. These glamorous extensions give length, color and thickness while allowing the casual appearance of a low-maintenance girl. The world's best pharmaceutical grade lash extension system will be used to prevent the artificial appearance of fake lash strips as well as smudges and clumps from regular mascara wear.


Lash Lift まつげパーマ

Lash Lift is a revolutionary technique to lift & perm your lashes without daily hassle of pinching and crimping with your handheld curler. This treatment dramatically opens up the eyes and gives a fuller, wider curled lash effect. Completely natural and long-lasting, the Lash Lift is becoming incredibly popular among women who want amazing lashes without false extensions weighing them down.

An Lash Lift can last for up to eight weeks depending on the growth cycle and quality of your natural lashes.


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